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Too Late

Title: Too Late
Pairings: Elliot/Victim, (implied) Elliot/Kathy
Character: Ray Schenkel
Rated: NC-17
Warnings/Kinks: Graphic Rape, Sexual Fantasies, Masturbation
Summary: Stabler goes undercover to determine if a recent parolee is reverting to his rapist urges. When Elliot "befriends" him, things get seriously out of hand. Remix of episode 7x01. Written for my own prompt over at the lovely community: dark_fest!

He knows he utterly deserves this. )
Elliot & Olivia

SVU Casting News

According to Dick Wolf, four actors are in the running to replace Chris Meloni.

Danny Pino from "Cold Case," Kevin Alejandro from "Southland," David Conrad from "The Ghost Whisperer" and Michael Raymond-James from "Terriers" are all the Wolf's screen test list.

The only actor of those four I'm familiar with is Kevin Alejandro from "Southland." If the new guy is going to partner with Benson, though, my choice is David Conrad (he's the closest to her in age).

Your thoughts, everyone?
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Liv Bad ass

Best Moments of Season 12 Video

Songs: Love & Loss, Triumph and Loss, House of Cards, Heart of Courage
Artist: Two steps from hell & Audiomachine
Editor: CATH
Series: Law & Order: SVU
Subject: Best Moments of Season 12 life
Episodes:12x01 Locum, 12x02 Bullseye, 12x03 Behave, 12x04 Merchandise, 12x05 Wet, 12x06 Branded, 12x07 Trophy, 12x08 Penetration, 12x09 Gray, 12x10 Rescue, 12x11 Pop, 12x12 Possessed, 12x13 Mask, 12x14 Dirty, 12x15 Flight, 12x16 Spectacle, 12x17 Pursuit, 12x18 Bully, 12x19 Bombshell, 12x20 Totem, 12x21 Reparations, 12x22 Bang, 12x23 Delinquent, 12x24 Smoked
Link: "SVU - Best Moments of Season 12"
E/O - spooked

E/O Video

Song: There comes a time
Artist: Celine Dion
Editor: CATH
Format: WMV
Series: Law & Order: SVU
Subject: Elliot/Olivia - Partners for life
Episodes:7x19 Fault, 8x11 Burned, 8x13 Loophole, 8x16 Philadelphia, 9x07 Blinded, 9x15 Undercover, 9x17 Authority, 10x07 Wildlife, 10x22 Zebras, 11x01 Unstable, 11x06 Spooked, 11x09 Perverted, 11x12 Shadow, 12x04 Merchandise, 12x05 Wet, 12x10 Rescue, 12x17 Pursuit
Link: "Elliot/Olivia - Partners for life"