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Welcome to the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Community!

Feel free to talk about anything and everything SVU related. Episodes, show news, actor news, character questions, or fanfiction.

Community maintained by: lonejaguar
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UPDATED: 04/28/04
A FEW RULES (I know, I hate doing this, too):
  • Please please please use the lj-cut tag when you're posting spoilers (see below for definition) and label them as such
  • The lj-cut tag will be necessary to hide spoilers for the following 7 days after the episode aired. For instance, Loss aired October 14th, so any spoilers for that episode would require the lj-cut tag until October 21 - one week later (please see lawandordersvu's definition of spoiler below)
  • Please to also use the lj-cut tag when posting more than one picture at a time or a long article (I'll let you be the judge of what's too long)
  • Please don't be nasty to other people. We're all nice people here, so don't be an ass
  • Lastly, please go back and read previous entries if you have a specific question to see if it's been answered already (chances are good that it has).
Other than that, Play nice and have fun!

SPOILERS: Considered any information giving away major plot points of future episodes.
  • A NOTE: I'm going to say any information from NBC's website (ie: the episode synopses below) will not be considered a spoiler, however, any pictures from upcoming episodes will. Any episode is fair game and spoiler-free the following Tuesday (7 days) after it originally airs, which means no lj-cut will be necessary.